Games & Activities

At every party you must arrange some sort of entertainment, activities or games – this makes the party fun!

When deciding what games to play or what activities you should have remember the following:

  • The children's ages
  • The amount of space you have in the party venue
  • Try to adapt the games or activities to the theme of your party – this makes it more fun!
  • Not all children like competitive games, so choose your games carefully.
  • Make every child a winner – have a party favour for every child.

We have included some pointers and games for you to think about:

Age Appropriate Activities:

One Year Old:

  • At One these children don't play games
  • Just designate a play area or sandpit with some toys and let them play.
  • The party is more for the adults and a fuss is made over the birthday child, décor, snacks, etc.

Two Years Old:

  • Toddlers don't really understand the rules of the games, so don't organize competitive games for this age.
  • Toddlers love messy games eg. Painting, playdough (don't forget to tell the parents to bring old clothes) This age loves playing with balls, so put out an assortment of balls in different sizes.
  • What about a puppet show or stories told with finger puppets – they love this!
  • They can maybe play a dancing game – put on some
  • music and watch them dance.

Three Years Old:

  • Now at this age we can start playing games.
  • Hide and Seek goes down well – if you have the space.
  • You can ask each child to bring his/her trike or bike.
  • All kids love messy games eg. Painting, playdough
  • (don't forget to tell the parents to bring old clothes)
  • Let the kids make a simple artwork that they can take home.
  • Little girls this age love tea parties, so ask them to dress like the mother and to bring their favourite doll.
  • Old Mac Donald Had a Farm
  • Treasure Hunt

Four Years Old:

  • Dressing up is a firm favourite amongst this age group.
  • Face-painting
  • Musical Chairs
  • Simple artwork
  • Jumping Castle or Waterslide (weather permitting)
  • Pin the tail on the donkey
  • Pinata
  • Simon says
  • Pass the Parcel
  • Bean Bag Toss
  • Treasure Hunt

Five Years Old + :